What is the 3571 Project ?


More than a comic book, the 3571 project is also a videogame, a 3D spin-off movie and 2D animation series, 3D printed toys, fine art limited editions, and a full soundtrack album. Discover and even join the creation of the most apocalyptic story ever !

In the year 3571 humanity is condemned to disappear, victim of the Big Disaster that almost destroyed the Earth a thousand years ago. On the last islands still emerging from the Big Ocean, the last kingdom of our race is fighting to survive among mutant animals, aliens and droids while all our technology regressed to the middle ages. But the prophecy of the Ancient Grimoire predicted a baby about to born was the Chosen One to save us all…

Combining references

The main post-apocalyptic storyline was optimized to combine my favorite stories and myths, allowing humour, a real graphic experience, serious reflexions, gore, feelings… I wanted my story to content everything that comes from our imagination : heroes, villains, zombies, mutants, magic spells, time and space travels, science, guns, knights and swords, robots, aliens, and so much more.


Combining arts and interactivity

I’ve always loved to use different techniques : writing, music, animation, traditional or digital drawing and painting, 3D, interactive art… Here, I wanted to combine all that techniques in a unique project where I can put all my energy. The story begins with the comic series, but animations and the video game combines every other form of art : sound design, architecture, filmmaking, character creation, coding… Interactivity is an amazing way to bring your creation to life.


Combining craft and participation

3571 is my most important and personal artwork : thanks to today’s new powerful editing and development digital tools,  I’ve been able to start alone a comic, a huge video game, 2D and 3D animations as a real craftsman.

On the other way, the main idea is to share as many open-ended content as possible, day after day, allowing everyone to comment and influence my conception by liking, discussing, drawing… Both graphic style and ton of voice were designed for everyone to easily create fan art, memes, gifs… So this project is also completely yours.

Let’s visualize this :

Capture d’écran 2016-04-05 à 20.44.26

In a classic creation, the public interacts with the work but can’t have a real effect on the creation itself: the artist produce a complete art piece. This is even true with interactive or digital art: the public can make the artwork change and play with it, but the way it changes is static: the interactions will always occur the same way, the author’s way.

Capture d’écran 2016-04-05 à 20.44.40

With the 3571 project, I’m sharing day after day an open-ended creation, which means you can influence the way I create. Both graphics and main storyline are fixed, but everything else is uncertain: you can read the beginning of the comic, or play a demo of the videogame… Then, the idea for me is to analyse your feelings and advices to guide my creation process dynamically through time. You can also create your own spin-off creations or fan Art to complete the project !


The 3571 project may never end, but I’d definitely be happy to see if this experience can lead me somewhere. I Imagine scientists helping me to be more convincing with my plasma quantum laser gun, or philosophers having ideas about political systems that could appear in the story… That could lead at least to an interesting result. Anyway, we have a lot of work to do together, and it could become a wonderful story.

So let’s keep in touch and thanks for visiting. I hope you’ll enjoy reading / watching / playing / creating the 3571 Project !

The Frappa Studio


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Frappa Studio

The Frappa Studio is an independant studio of a single creative and dedicated to original multimedia content conception : comics and webcomics,videogames,fine art limited editions prints, 2D and 3D animations and films, music and many more.

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